Wine hobbyist and lucky professional since 2007.

Enthusiastic, if not always skilled, swing-dancer.

I really miss my motorcycle.  Getting another one will probably be my next big purchase.  Unless I buy 2006 Valdicava Brunello first — building a vertical!

I like fishing, but usually only while sailing an old Sunfish on the North Atlantic that might tip over any second — makes it much more interesting!

Most surprising fact about me — I played rugby for 3 years in college.

Actually, that fact becomes less surprising once my rabid hockey obsessions are revealed (Go Bolts! Go Rangers!)

So far, my favorite place in the world is Cape Cod, Massachusetts, though Sonoma is giving the Cape some fierce competition.  In the name of fairness, I should probably go on a trip to Italy and give them a shot at the #1 spot.  But only to be fair.

I really want to re-teach myself to speak French and Italian.  Drinking lots of French and Italian wines will probably help my accent.

Anybody who wants to give me a job in wine (pretty please!) — here’s my LinkedIn profile


Thanks for reading -- your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated!

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